Israeli government passes law freezing funds used to pay terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli government passed a law freezing all tax funds used to pay terrorists. The “Palestinian” Authority has misused the money, and Israel has had enough.

The Israeli Government and the PA

Despite the fact that the “Palestinian” Authority (PA) is not Israel’s closest friend, Israel has still been giving money to them. But the PA uses tax money to pay terrorists and their families and incite violence, and Israel has had enough. The Israeli government finally passed a law freezing those funds. If the “Palestinian” Authority decides to change their policies, Israeli leaders say that they can receive the money once again.

The Purpose of the Funds

The PA could be and should be using the funds for building infrastructure and helping the “Palestinian” people. But obviously, Mahmoud Abbas and the “Palestinian” Authority are not interested in helping their people or creating peace with Israel. Their goal is to obliterate the Jewish state, even if it comes at the expense of their own people. All the money that has been used to pay terrorists could have been used to better the lives of so many, and it wasn’t. It was used to spread, promote, and incite violence and hatred against the Jewish people.

Other Nations Finally Understand

Other countries have finally realized what the PA is doing and have also instituted fund freezes. They don’t want to be giving money for terrorism. Aside from the United States freezing funds, Australia has said they are cutting direct aid to the PA because they believe the PA is financing terrorists.

If the PA really cared about peace and improving the lives of their people, they would stop paying terrorists for murdering Israelis. But the truth is, they don’t care about peace. So the world needs to do whatever they can to stop financing these “Palestinian” terrorists.


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