Parents of American Terror Victim Cause Great International Embarrassment for Palestinian Authority – Taylor Force

by Avi Abelow

American army veteran Taylor Force, was killed while he visited Israel by an Arab terrorist.  The Arab terrorist actually received a salary by the Palestinian Authority for committing the act. Taylor Force’s parents would not let their son’s horrible killing be for naught. They actively worked on a US bill, and got it passed by both Houses of Congress.  This changes things for terror organizations.  Now there are real consequences for terror.  It punishes the Palestinian Authority for paying terrorists and their families, while they serve time in jail for acts of terrorism.

Stuart Force Speaks about his Son and the New Taylor Force Act Passed by Congress and Israel

His words are inspirational.

Stuart Force Speaking in Israeli Parliament

He begins at around the 13:40 mark.

A New World

The international community has been pouring international aid into the Palestinian Authority since the Oslo accords in 1995. Without the international aid, the Palestinian Authority would not be able to survive financially.  The PA has wasted 25 years of aid without developing an economy, job development etc.. Instead they have used much of that money to pay terrorists and their families.

Finally, the United States has passed the Taylor Force Act, in memory of slain US veteran Taylor Force. The Taylor Force Act ensures that so long as the Palestinian Authority continues to give money to terrorists and their families, the United States will withhold aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Just last week, Israel’s parliament finally passed an Israeli version of that same law.

Finally, the world is paying attention to some of the actions of the Palestinian Authority.  The PA supports terrorism against Israel, and innocent visitors in Israel, like Taylor.

Palestinian Authority Response

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas just said that the PA will not allow anyone to ‘interfere’ with who it disburses money to.  Abbas know that the PA will be punished by the withholding of funds.  But he claimed that he will continue to pay salaries to the terrorists in jail and their families.

Abbas defiantly told a meeting of Fatah party leaders that the Palestinian government would pay “our martyrs and prisoners and wounded people” as it had since 1965.

“We will not allow anyone to interfere with the money that Israel is against us paying to the families of martyrs and prisoners.”  This is according to an official transcript released by state-run news agency Wafa.

Snubbing the European Union As Well

In addition, the European Union, another major aid donor to the Palestinian Authority, also is now pressuring the PA regarding its financial support of terror.

A recent EU delegation is angry at Palestinian Authority leader Rami Hamdallah.  He recently refused to meet with a delegation asking for an explanation of EU aid, amid suspicions that the funds are going to pay terrorist salaries.

Israeli Respose

MK Elazar Stern (Elazar Stern) co-spearheaded the Israeli Taylor Force Act.  He views the European move as a continuation of the Australian government’s decision to stop aid payments to the Palestinian Authority.  The decision is based on the PA’s refusal to detail the uses made of the payments and the suspicion that the payments are funding terrorists’ salaries.

We Are Thankful to the Taylor’s Parents

As Taylor’s father explains in the video, after internalizing the sadness of their loss, they realized that they had a special opportunity to help humanity, and they did.

As we see, the Taylor Force Act is already making an impact.  It is waking up the world powers to the Palestinian
Authority’s continuous sick and despicable support of terror. All these years the international community has treated them like “peace” partners.  In addition, they throw billions of dollars to them. Finally they are waking up to the fact that they have been duped.

We are thankful to the parents of Taylor for being active participants in trying to wake up the world.  It is the time that the world will finally act to stop the sick culture of hate, death and terror that permeates the cause called “palestine.”  This culture has only one goal. It is not the establishment of a state called “palestine.”  Their goal is to kill Jews and the destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

Thank you Stuart and Robbie Force!

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