Senator Cruz Goes After Palestinian Authority Terrorists

by Avi Abelow

Senator Cruz is fed up with the Palestinian Authority pay-to-slay program that rewards terrorists for murdering innocent Jews. He wants the heads of the Palestinian Authority to pay a personal price for this blatant support of terrorism.

Here you can see the PLO director of prisoners assure that terrorist salaries will continue.  This shows a total disregard for the pressure from the USA and Israel.

Senator Cruz Tweets

Senator Cruz Gets It!

Senator Cruz understands that the Palestinian Authority officials themselves are complicit in aiding and abetting terror. He therefore, wants them to be personally punished as well.

The Palestinian Authority pay-to-slay program, rewards terrorists for terror attacks to kill innocent Jews.  It must be stopped. If the Taylor Force Act, that withholds US funds from the Palestinian Authority so long as the PA continues to reward terrorists with money, does not stop the pay-to-slay payments, then more pressure is needed. Hence the idea to personally punish the Palestinian Authority officials.

Still a Problem

However, there is one central problem that exists that MUST be recognized. The Palestinian Authority itself must be declared a terrorist organization! If it rewards terrorists and incites children and youth to murder innocent Jews by using school textbooks and television programs, then the Palestinian Authority itself is a terror organization!

So long as the world community, including Israel and the USA, continues to ignore recognizing the Palestinian Authority as a terror organization, then the terror they are responsible for will never end. And no terror against us will end. The lesson the world sees is as long as they whitewash their terrorism against Jews, it will be allowed by the world.

The time has come to finally declare the Palestinian Authority a terror organization.

Arab Incitement
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