Netanyahu Supports Bill to Expel Families of Terrorists

by Avi Abelow

Finally, the Israeli government has proposed a bill with a real deterrent to stop terrorists, expel the terrorist’s family. The Arab/Muslim culture is a clan, tribal system. The biggest loss for them is not the loss of life, but to be cut off from their clan. This punishment is a true moral solution that will act as a deterrent, scaring families from allowing family members to commit acts of terror against innocent Jews. Obviously, the “liberal” elite justice system is against this law. Thankfully, Israeli PM Netanyahu is backing it. Now we have to see if and when it becomes law and can begin to be implemented.

Netanyahu on Expelling the Terrorist’s Family

“In my opinion, its benefits are greater than its costs,” Netanyahu said in a Likud faction meeting.

“Expulsion of terrorists is an effective tool. To me the benefit exceeds the damage. Jurists say it’s against the law given how it’s defined, and it will surely be a legal challenge, but I have no doubt of its effectiveness,” Netanyahu said.

Should it pass into law, it would only apply to cases in which the family knew about the terrorist’s plans and encouraged him or her. In addition, the terrorist would have had to have killed or attempted to kill someone.

The proposed legislation would empower the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) central command to expel the relatives of terrorists from their hometowns to other parts of Judea and Samaria within a week of an attack or attempted attack. Explanatory text accompanying the bill promotes the measure as a method of deterrence which it says is “the cornerstone of Israeli security and a way to save lives and uphold law and order.”

The Justice Ministry added that the proposal is expected to create difficulties on the international level.

Not Enough

This bill is a good first start to begin to raise this idea as a solution to one day implement. It will be some time before it is accepted as law since the legal establishment will do everything in its power to stop it from becoming law. To liberal jurists today, the right of an individual to property trumps the right to life for innocent people. So the legal system prefers to protect the rights of the terrorist and his family over the right of the Israeli public to live in safety and security. It will take some time to overcome this judicial hurdle. In the meantime, this proposed law is a first good step.

However, this bill still lacks in two main areas.

1. This bill should apply to the family of anyone involved in terror, not just those who commit the physical act. It takes a whole culture to create the atmosphere that motivates people to commit acts of terror. The actual perpetrator is only one of many who should be punished. Families of those who funnel funds to terrorists, drive the terrorists, incite to terror etc. The punishment of expulsion should apply to the family of everyone associated with terror. Only that will create the deterrent fear in every family to stop family members from taking any part in terrorism.

2. Families of terrorists shouldn’t be expelled to another area of Judea and Samaria, they should be expelled far away to another country. Another city or village in Judea and Samaria still allows them to try to return to their clan’s village. For this bill to truly create fear and deterrence, they should be expelled far away to another country.

Otherwise, this is a good first step. The first challenge is to raise the awareness of the morality of this solution. This is the most moral solution because it understands that protecting the population from terrorism is the most important thing, much more important than the moral right of a person to their property.

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