Nikki Haley left the UN with this epic speech

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel will never forget what Nikki Haley did for them in the UN.  In just 2 years, she completely changed the norms of how the United States talked to the world about the Middle East.

She understood that the only way to deal with the UN from the seat of the US Ambassador to the UN is to use strength.  The UN is filled with one country after another that spreads lies about Israel and the United States.  Israel is basically the world’s punching bag at the UN.  Nikki Haley changed all of that.  And she did it in a classy way that made her popular – even among her opponents.

Challenges Ahead

There is good reason to assume that in the coming years – or months – the United States will make bold moves on the world stage.  Nikki Haley has set things up at the UN so that the world understands well where the United States stands.  Will President Trump make some bold moves on the world stage.  I think he will.  But, if he doesn’t need to, it will be thanks to tough rhetoric backed up with action.  That is the key to a calm and successful foreign policy.  Talk tough, mean what you say, and be willing to act on your convictions.

Political Future

Nikki Haley did not enter the world stage at the UN as a sworn supporter of President Trump.  She made a wise and calculated move that if she joined in with the Trump administration at this juncture for a short span of time, she could build up her international reputation and help reign in President Trump while pushing his positive agendas.  That is exactly what happened.  The two worked very well together.  If there was friction on policies, they succeeded in glossing over them.  On the big issues, Nikki Haley was the perfect spokeswoman for President Trump on the world stage.

She has set a high standard for all future US ambassadors to the UN.

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