Secular Israeli MK Slams Education System for Robbing Her of Jewish Identity

by Leah Rosenberg

What this Israeli MK said here to other Knesset members is unbelievable. She has woken up to the truth about Torah, and so have many others.

Israeli MK Blasts Knesset over Secular Education

Israeli MK Galit Distel-Atbaryan could not have said it better here. Growing up in the completely secular Israeli world, she said she was robbed of her Jewish identity. She never learned about the true meaning of being a Jew until she was older. She never learned about the Torah and all its precious Jewels until she was older. Why? Because in Israel, when a child grows up going to completely secular schools, the curriculum isn’t filled with what it should be filled with, as MK Galit strongly spoke about.

But she is saying to the Knesset that people want it. Parents want it. Teachers want it. Soldiers want it. They are all searching for something more. They are searching for G-d, Torah, and Judaism. All of them want to learn more.

We are living in times where more Jews are seeking a connection to G-d and the Jewish people. Those who never lit Shabbat candles in their lives are now lighting. Those who never wore Tzitzit are now wearing them. Jews have vowed to do things for G-d and the Jewish people that years ago you would never have expected they would do.

Israeli MK Galit Distel-Atbaryan is brave for speaking with such strong words before Knesset members. She is brave for speaking the truth when many are afraid to say it out loud or to admit it.

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