Israeli Spokesman Gave the Greatest Response to the “Palestinian Refugee” Problem

by Phil Schneider

There are no people in the world who understand how challenging, impossible, and unsettling life is as a refugee than the Jewish people. Nearly all of the Jewish people in the United States today are grandchildren or great-grandchildren of refugees from countries where their anscestors were forced out of or persecuted. Nearly all Israeli ciitzens are the same. But in Israel, a larger percentage are children and grandchildren of Jewish refugees from Arab lands, such as Morocco, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Eypt, Lebanon, Iran and Syria. None of these Israelis call themselves refugees today in the State of Israel, though their parents and grandparents certainly were.  

Among the so-called “Palestinian” population, most of the mass media has accepted the big lie that there is a mass of millions of Arab refugees that are persecuted in the Land of Israel. The hard truth is that there were indeed 100 – 200,000 Arabs, no more than that, who left their homes in pre-State Israel in order to make way for six invading Arab Armies to kill 600,000 Jews before the State of Israel could stand on it’s own feet. The Arabs lost. The Arabs who voluntarily displaced themselves lived under Jordan and Egypt for 19 years. They terrorized Jordan and terrorized Israel with support from Egypt, then Israel’s largest enemy. But the State of Israel survived the 1948 onslaught and became a fact, despite 1% of the entire Israeli poulation being killed in Israel’s War of Independence – 6,000 of 600,000. In 1967, Jordan, Egypt and Syria joined together to attack Israel and lost. Israel took in the Arabs under their wings as part of their efforts to live in defensible borders in a normal country that was not just 9 miles wide. The standard of living of these Arabs was far better under Israel than under Jordan or Egypt. The Arab population and average lifespan increased in these areas.   

The Jewish people in the Land of Israel were a different breed than the Jewish people outside of the Land of Israel. They fought back, undermanned with far less weapons and with minimal support from other countries. The new Israelis had one critical motivation. They wanted to survive and not be killed like the 6 million Jews who had just been annihilated 3-8 years earlier during the Holocaust. They were determined to NEVER accept as fate that persecuted Jews had only two choices – be killed or fight with passports. The new and improved Jew learned how to aim, shoot, kill, and instill fear in their enemies.

On the other hand, the Arab lie of the never-ending Arab refugees has been adopted as a narrative by all of those who claim to truly care about human rights. This is actually a mere smokescreen aimed at shielding anti-Israel prejudice, the modern version of antisemitism. Eylon Levy says it so well when he exclaims that nearly all of the so-called Arab refugees today have never been displaced from anywhere except for their mother’s womb. The claim of victimization should be rejected as nothing but a fake excuse for justifying terror against Israel. 

Its time for the truth to shine and the lies to be rejected. The Arab refugee lie is the non-factual basis of the big lie of the so-called displaced and persecuted “Palestinian people.” The Arabs in Israel have it better than nearly most other Arab countries in the Middle East. The Arabs have one big problem – they want to kill the Jews.      

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