The Movement to “Save Israel’s Democracy” is Actually Anti-Democratic

by Avi Abelow

It’s quite ironic that the biggest destroyers of Israeli democracy today are those who are protesting in the name of “saving Israeli democracy”.

They say they are saving Israel from dictatorship, yet they ignore the fact that for decades we have been living under a judicial dictatorship.

The Israeli legal system only created the “reasonableness” clause in the early 1980s to ignore the written law and instead use their own “reasonable” thinking instead. Between the years of 1948-1980 it didn’t exist.

When confronted with their hypocrisy, in claiming that this government’s intention to get rid of the reasonableness clause will create a dictatorship whereas Israel existed as a democracy for 32 years without it, they respond that the governments of Israel were better then and the courts didn’t need the reasonableness clause.

This claim of theirs highlights their true anti-democratic position. What changed before 1980 is that the proud Jewish right-wing political camp, led by Menachem Begun and the Likud, came to power after the left-wing Labor power led this country since 1948. If anyone looks back at the political/media campaigns of the left back then against Begin and the Likud, you will see the same messaging. That Begin and the Likud were a danger to Israel and would destroy Israel as they knew it. The same messages today’s protest movement uses today, and have been using for years against Netanyahu led governments.

When one listens to the daily chants from many of the protests, one hears that today’s protests are filled with hatred. It’s not about saving Israeli democracy, it’s about hating the proud Jewish spirit of the religious/right and stopping us from fulfilling our democratic right to lead policy for the country.

Today’s protestors are the ones who are anti-democratic, not willing to accept the results of the democratic system, in which they lost at the ballot box, it’s not the government that is undemocratic or the government’s very much needed, and just, judicial reform.

The leaders of today’s protest movement are the same people who have been planning for years to topple Netanyahu-led governments, they just come up with new excuses each time.

Also, it’s quite ironic that representatives of the Wexner family, a huge philanthropic operation that has been dedicated to weakening the Jewish character of the State of Israel for decades with various programs to “train” Israeli political/IDF/police and civic leaders, also happens to be directly tied with the convicted pedophile/blackmailer/spy Jeffrey Epstein, and the family representatives just had a visit with Yair Lapid in the Knesset, one of the leaders of the anti-democratic protest movement today. I wonder what that they discussed…

The bottom line is that all will be good. While it is totally democratic to protest, and most of the protestors are not filled with hate, the protest movement and its leaders are anti-democratic and filled with hate. This is a critical distinction that must be emphasized.

As I always say, while depressing as we experience this, we will overcome this time period stronger and more united. More Jews in Israel are waking up. Waking up to the hypocrisy of the protest movement. Waking up to the absolute lies of the establishment media. Waking up to the need for judicial reform. And waking up to uniting as a people.

We are experiencing a sheafing process. All will be good!

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

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