The Archaeological Discovery That the Palestinian Authority Never Wanted You to See

by Leah Rosenberg

This is the type of archaeological discovery that will blow your mind. How can anyone try to say the Jewish people don’t belong in Israel?

Another Remarkable Archaeological Discovery

This item might look small, but what it represents is big, and it’s amazing. In Israel, an archaeological discovery has a lot of meaning. When things are uncovered in the holy land, it proves more what the Jewish people already know: That they belong in Israel. Jewish history in the land of Israel is thousands of years old. Anyone who tries to deny that is ignorant. The proof is in the pudding. You can literally touch with your own hands the evidence that shows that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish nation.

G-d gave the land of Israel to His nation. He has made it clear throughout history that He wants the Jewish people living in His land. And G-d has made it that all these archaeological discoveries have been uncovered throughout time.

It is mind-boggling that Arabs who have claimed they are from a made-up nation called “The Palestinian people” are trying to steal the land of Israel. And it is even more mind-boggling that the world believes them! Their narrative is one big lie. And it doesn’t take much research to prove them wrong.

Wake up, world. Look at this seal. Look at all that has been dug up in Jerusalem and throughout the entire land of Israel. Are you really going to say the land belongs to anyone besides the Jews?

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