Listen to What This Muslim Said Before it’s Removed from the Internet

by Phil Schneider

Is there a hidden goal of the massive influx of Muslims into Europe over the last decade or so? No. It is actually not a hidden goal. And it is not an evil thing. It is actually a natural phenomenon for people to NOT want to assimilate into another culture. What is happening in Europe is completely normal following widespread immigration from a foreign country.

It is actually a sign of a healthy religion if it can be transplanted from one country to another and withstand the pressures to melt into the dominating culture. Well, that is what is occurring today across Europe. The Muslim religion is alive and well in Europe today, and there is no reason to assume that what has happened in other countries of the Western world will happen in Europe.

There are many Muslims today in America who do not pose a threat to America as they have become somewhat Westernized. They have not necessarily tossed out their religion. But they have, by and large, not continued to live in the West as they did in their previous Muslim countries. They do, largely, modernize.

But anybody who travels in Europe today knows that there are large and growing neighborhoods that are Muslim and have absolutely no intention of becoming part of the European countries they live in.

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