Saudi royals are on the brink of war regarding making peace with Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Arab countries making peace with Israel has been the story making headlines. But will Saudi Arabia follow their fellow Arab countries?

Will Saudi Arabia Make Peace with Israel?

What a great analysis on the state of peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal family is divided about the topic of making peace with Israel. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman believes it is to the benefit of Saudi Arabia to make peace with the Jewish state. But many from the older generation cannot get passed the past. They want to keep their history of hostilities with Israel. They cannot seem to look toward the future, despite the fact that it will benefit everyone – both Israelis and Saudis – to make peace with the Jewish state.

The Middle East is changing. Things that no one ever thought would be possible are happening before our eyes (thanks to G-d sending President Trump to carry out these miracles). Will Saudi Arabia “get with the times” and normalize ties with Israel? It seems very possible, but only time will tell. Will Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman convince others in the royal family to make peace? Or will he end up just overpowering and getting his way?

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