Can Pence Stop CCP Control Of The USA On January 6th?

by Gavriel Dan

On January 6th two things are set to occur. The first is a massive rally and protest of millions of Trump supporters in and around the Capital Building. The second is what happens inside the Capital Building, where VP Mike Pence will count the Electoral College votes and certify them, thus making Joe Biden the official President-Elect. That last part of course assumes we are living in normal times…we are not.

Rp. Louie Gohmert of Texas and others are suing VP Pence in order to force a Federal Judge to give the Vice President the ability to decide on his own which slate of electors to choose. This is important, because unlike other years, 2020 saw widespread election fraud in a systemic fashion that was unprecedented. In response, multiple states issued alternate slates of electors – similar to the election of 1876.

With CCP control of the USA a very real possibility, along with a continued fracturing of American society, Pence might be compelled, if empowered to answer the call of the protestors and throw both slates of electors out and send the election to the House where Trump holds the advantage in state delegations.

This appears to be the plan and it may just work.

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