Sajaya Neighborhood In Gaza Captured At High Cost

by David Mark

It was announced today that ten soldiers, eight from Golani, one from Combat Engineering, and one from the airforce’s rescue unit, lost their lives in an ambush in the Sajaya neighborhood of Gaza City, one of the final neighborhoods left to conquer.

One of the fighters, was commander Tomer Greenberg, who is considered one of the heroes of October 7th in taking back Kfar Aza and saving twins Roi and Gaya, whose parents were killed in front of him. The 10 deaths is a reminder of the savage urban warfare that is happening in Gaza - even in the Northern Gaza area.

The Sajaya ambush also shows us the fallacy of “playing nice” so the West will still love Israel. None of that matters if our soldiers die for it. This sort of ambush or booby trapped houses that have also also killed IDF soldiers can dealt with if far less soldiers were sent house to house, but rather relied on devastating air and artillery attacks that would take out these targets well before the IDF get to them by foot.

Biden’s Aide John Kirby said, “That’s basically telegraphing your punches. There are very few modern militaries in the world that would do that. I don’t know that we would do that.” Now this may seem like Kirby is supportive of Israel, but in fact he is encouraging the government to continue to get IDF soldiers killed to protect “palestinians.” The fact is, while Israel is focused on crushing Hamas, America is busy tying Israel’s arms behind its back. This will only cause more soldiers to die and prolong the war.

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