Russia Sends Deadly Message to Biden in Recent Military Exercise

by Phil Schneider

There were many people who ridiculed Donald Trump as being too impulsive to be in charge of leading the free world. Trump’s way of decision-making seemed to be less focused on making a well-rounded assessment and more about hunch and self-centered narcissism. There is more than a grain of truth in these accusations. But Trump’s actions – at least until Jan. 6th – seemed to be much more calculated and effective. Russia was less keen on showing aggression than they were in the Obama years, and North Korea stopped their saber rattling because they believed Donald Trump would destroy their country if they continued along their threatening path.

Today, the United States is seemingly being led by a President that is not perceived as weak. He is not perceived as stupid or inexperienced. This is actually one of the most experienced Presidents that has ever occupied the Oval Office. But he is justifiably perceived as being senile. That’s because anybody in the world who has every had a loved one who suffers from dementia can just look at Joe Biden and see that the President of the United States is not capable of making difficult decisions. He can’t even handle a press conference – especially when multiple people call out questions at the same time.

Nothing gets the aggressive players in the world going more than the knowledge that there is no policeman running the world, and that there is no disincentive to doing what they want to do. Russia does not pose a major threat to the world at this time. But they certainly pose a threat to the Ukraine and some of it’s other neighbors. China most certainly would like to take over the entire area of the South China Sea, and they are making many small and big steps in that direction. There is nobody that is able to stop these actions like the United States. Australia can yell and scream, but without the backing of the United States, they will find China banging on their doorstep in a matter of years.

We all need to wake up to the present reality and elect a new Congress that will reject the present weak reality of the United States. Otherwise, what happens abroad will end up threatening the United States and the entire free world.

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