Remarkable Letters to Trump from the Most Unexpected People

by Phil Schneider

How many people self-publish letters that they have received from important people? Donald Trump is absolutely focused on his image. He is obsessive about that. He is indeed a person who is not run of the mill in almost any way. He is more than a flawed person. He has many flaws that should give pause before voting for him.

But, his record as President is fantastic in many ways. Outside of the revolving door for the critical roles of Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and Chief of Staff, Trump did a great job as President, despite whatever character flaws he may possess.

Most pro-Israel pundits have no trouble pointing out how excellent Donald Trump’s policies were on Israel. Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem was the least of it. Cutting off the funds to Iran saved hundreds of lives in Israel and thousands of lives of Arabs across the Middle East. The Abraham Accords are an historic achievement that will probably be viewed as one of the greatest achievements of the decade.

But, he did much more than that. Kim Jong Un backed down, Putin sat tight, and China was downright scared of Donald Trump because he was so unpredictable. Afghanistan was a mess that Trump was well on his way of properly getting the USA out of. NATO was improving and the United States was truly becoming great again.

But for most Americans, they remember the good ol’ economy under President Trump , now that they are suffering under President Biden. But it was even more than that. Even liberal causes such as prison reform improved under the Trump administration.

Yes, he’s not a flawless Presidential candidate. He has many flaws. But he also has an excellent track record. He was 100 times better than Biden. The only question is whether or not he is better than the other Republican contenders in 2024.

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