Reform Rabbi Gave a Huge Slap in the Face to Young Liberals in This Explosive Speech

by Leah Rosenberg

Reform Rabbis are not usually known for being critical of the value systems of young people today. They are more known for speaking with words of praise and other positive things about woke and progressive values that dominate the minds of many young people today. 

But this speech is different than most people would be accustomed to hearing in their Reform Synagogue. It is a speech that clearly takes young people to task for thinking that part of the concept of “tikun olam,” (fixing the world) includes supporting rapists, sadistic killers, and those who believe that all homosexuals deserve to be tossed from rooftops. 

It will never be as clear as it was on October 7th. Israel’s foes are not people who want a State. They are not people who want to just live peacefully with their Jewish neighbors. They are not predominantly people who just want to have upward mobility in their economic life and their own piece of real estate to build their families on. Those are the exceptional families.

The Arab neighbors to the State of Israel are predominantly a mass group of barbarians who believe that there is only one kind of a good Jew – a dead one. The open-minded Arabs won’t lift a finger, but still support the pogroms against Jews. The mass pogrom of thousands of Arabs from Gaza on the neighboring communities that surround Gaza was not an anomaly, but the natural outgrowth of decades of antisemitic hatred that is spewed in homes, mosques, and UNRWA funded schools across Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. 

Israel lives with a cancer in it’s midst and it must destroy any aspect of power from the spreading cancer. Israel must make a strategic decision to depopulate the Arab areas of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza by encouraging a steadily growing exodus of Arabs to Qatar, a wealthy Arab country that has funded and spearheaded much of the terror that Israel has suffered from for decades. Those who refuse to go should be encouraged to modernize via a new non-UN-based educational system. 

Those who raise up arms against Israel should be treated the way any other country would treat them – as traitors. Traitors should either be exiled, jailed or killed. When Israel adopts this kind of an iron fist against their enemy, they will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Peace will only come when the Arab side in Israel is in a state of continuous weakening and despairs of ever destroying the State of Israel. Peace will come through an overwelming amount of economic and military firepower coupled with a tough judicial system.     

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