Red flags of the Texas shooting were totally ignored by authorities

by Phil Schneider

A mass shooting is a big deal. It belongs in the news for more than a 24 hour period. But, sometimes when the story does not fit the narrative of the progressive community, it often falls off the radar. The idea that only white supremacists perform horrible atrocities is simply wrong. Horrible deeds are perpetrated by horrible people from different sides of the spectrum. It is not only right-wing lunatics. It is also left-wing lunatics who perform these things.

Ben Shapiro is right on in noting that it is not just radical right wingers who pose a danger to our way of life. It is radical left-wingers. As a matter of fat, radical left-wingers pose a greater danger due to the effort among normative progressives to shut out any discussion on the controversial issues of the day.

What we need is a reset of the norms of news reporting. In today’s day and age, there are nearly no news outlets that do not have strong political leanings. There are left-wing news outlets with a clear narrative to push and some right wing outlets. If you watch reporting on the same news story, you will often see two completely different stories on the same event. What happened to the good old “Walter Cronkite” type reporting of old? We need to get back to a major level of accuracy in reporting that is based on the facts and not on opinions. Let the websites and ope-ed pieces be one aspect of news reporting. But, the main side of reporting the news should be fact-based and not on opinion-based.

If President Trump says something controversial, it should be reported as controversial – whether or not one agrees with what he said. The opinion pieces on the wisdom or idiocy of the statement should come later. IF we don’t have a trustworthy way of receiving news anymore, then the scarcity of truth in reporting will downgraded the entire value of watching the news in the first place. We need to reset and go back to the past on this.

Dr. Risch

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