Thanks to Israel, paper will soon be a thing of the past

by Chaya Cikk

Paper is about to become a thing of the past. Thanks to Israel. This is such an awesome device. Technology is advancing and fast, so make sure to stay up to date with this amazing device.

Thanks to Israel

This is just one of the many devices that have been invented in Israel. When it comes to technology Israel is ahead of other countries. Many awesome things have been invented in Israel. I wonder what the Boycott Movement has to say about this? Inventions that you use in everyday life that you didn’t even know were invented in Israel.

Thanks to Israel the world has things, such as Waze, the GPS app that everyone uses to get places. The Pill Camera, which I’m sure has saved many lives, now that Doctor’s can see inside of you more easily. Many mothers know Baby Sense, a device that is placed under the mattress and monitors the baby’s breathing. If it stops for more than 20 seconds it sets off an alarm.

Others include Mobile Eye, a digital camera to help drivers drive more safely. Any technology you have from Intel, whether in the computer or your phone was probably invented in Israel. The delicious peanut butter snack called Bamba, the even yummier chocolate pudding called Milky, all came from Israel.

Additionally, Get taxi was started in Israel, the drip irrigation system to help agriculture was invented in Israel. The Iron Dome which has no doubt saved many lives by intercepting rockets. The list of devices that have been invented in Israel are endless.


This specific piece of technology that was invented in Israel will change everything as we know it. It will reduce the use of paper. The idea of this device will allow you to write on any surface. So who needs a piece of paper any more? You’ll be able to write down something as you think of it. It’ll save straight onto your device. How cool?

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