Rashida Tlaib forgot to mention the 8,000 Israelis who were injured and murdered

by Leah Rosenberg

Rashida Tlaib cried to gain sympathy from the public. Regarding what? Israeli checkpoints; security measures for which the Palestinian Arabs are to blame.

Rashida Forgot Some Facts

So, why does Israel need extreme security measures? Rashida Tlaib will claim it is because Israel wants to mistreat Palestinian Arabs. She will claim it is because Israeli security wants to dehumanize her mother and family. But the thing is, Congresswoman Tlaib forgot some facts – obviously. Israel needs to have such strong security because of the Palestinian Arabs and their terrorism. No one else is to blame but them and their leadership. But Rashida forgot to mention that through her forced tears…

During the second Intifada from 2000-2004, Palestinian Arab terrorists would come into Israel with the goal to murder – to murder innocent men, women and children. And sadly, they murdered and injured over 8,000 Israelis. THAT is why Israel has checkpoints. THAT is why Israel has a security wall (which, by the way, is mainly just a fence. But the media won’t tell you that).

The “Psychological Damage”

Rashida Tlaib shed some tears over the “destructive” walls and “psychological damage” which security barriers cause. Excuse me, Ms. Tlaib, but did you ever talk about the destructiveness of terrorism? Did you ever touch upon the psychological damage that innocent Israeli children have after seeing their loved ones murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists? No, you were too busy criticizing Israel for protecting themselves with security measures that have reduced terrorism by 90%.

So, before you criticize Israel, maybe get the facts straight. Maybe try to understand that the last thing Israel wants is to have checkpoints, but that the ONLY ones to blame are the Palestinian Arabs themselves.

Dr. Risch

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