The Exodus Movement is taking a stand against antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

The Exodus movement is important. However, there is one basic problem with this short clip. It is based on being Pro-Trump. That should not be a prerequisite for deciding to leave the Democratic party. President Trump is a very divisive figure in the Executive Branch. But one does not need to be pro-Trump in order to agree with the basic premises of the Exodus movement. The Jewish people – for more than 100 years have largely found their home in the Democratic party. It is time for a reckoning. As AOC and her ilk become the fresh ,young and upcoming faces of the Democratic party, and the old guard is too hesitant to keep them out of positions of power, it is time to rethink one’s priorities.

The priorities of the Jewish people in the United States of America is something that has been a subject of controversy. Any time that the State of Israel is brought up, there will be those who will begin to accuse the Jewish people of dual loyalty. That’s fine. Let them accuse. They are wrong. The two countries share so many of the same values that this charge is ridiculous. The issue is that many of the people in the United States today are in the process of a radical change of the age-old Judeo-Christian ethical guidelines that have served as the groundwork for the way of life we have today.

There is a swift process – led by progressive groups – of moving from a conservative based value system of responsibilities and preservation of old norms to a value system that is based on not harming feelings of any group of individuals – no matter what their beliefs are. It is a value system that sees no absolute rights and wrongs – just an amorphous world of emotions and hyper-sensitivities. The new norms do not place the United States at the top of the pyramid of the nations of the world, but on par with all other countries – including dictatorships and socialist countries. It is a radical departure from anything that the United States has known until now. But this is all happening under the leadership of the Democratic party. Perhaps this is one of the reasons of the ascendancy of so controversial a figure as Donald Trump.

In today’s political climate, it is a very logical thing to not like President Trump and vote Republican. It is logical to protest the declining morals and values of the Democratic party, and not embrace the morals of Donald Trump. The Republican Party is a much more healthier alternative. President Trump will not occupy the Oval Office for more than another few years. Those that will follow him will be much better alternatives than the Democratic choices.

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