Congressman Exposes IfNotNow Progressive American Jews As Disconnected From Reality

by Avi Abelow

In the following video, IfNotNow members try to elicit anti-Israel statements from Congressman Brad Schneider (IL). These anti-Israel progressive Jews did not get what they expected. They expose themselves as uninterested in facts and solely anti-Israel just to be anti-Israel. Thank you, Congressman Schneider, for standing tall for a strong US-Israel relationship which is to the benefit of the USA and all Americans.

The saddest thing about these exchanges is seeing that these people are not interested in dialogue. They are not interested in facts. And they are not interested in understanding that issues are grey, not the “black and white” that they are so sure about. They just don’t care. Their whole interest is in being anti-Israel. To see a Jew passionately against his/her own identity and homeland is devastating to see.

Someone with true intellectual integrity would want to understand why the Congressmen holds the position he does. They could challenge him with questions and concerns and then listen to what he has to say. Yet, these progressive Jews of today have no such interest.

Instead of being open to hearing what the Congressman has to say to them, in responding to their questions, all they have to say is “we asked a yes or no question”. They have no interest to listen, no interest to understand, their sole interest is to defame their own homeland, Israel.

The saddest part is that these people think they are smart, and call themselves “progressive”. Yet their attitudes show the exact opposite. Smart means the ability to learn and be open to different positions and make informed decisions. “Progressive” means moving forward. But shutting down all discourse, and not even being open to hearing other ideas is a sign of taking society backward, not forwards. Today’s “progressives” should really be called regressive, because they are taking Western society backwards.

The Truth

Today’s so-called “progressives” are willingly blind to be living in one of the best generations ever. All people today have more freedom and equality in the Western world today than ever before. Yet, today’s left complains about everything. They scream “sexism”, “racism” and “antisemitism” at every tweet.

Today’s “progressives” base everything on their feelings. Yet, life is not about feelings, life is about actions.

Our grandparents remember a time when they had to live with real sexism, racism and antisemitism. Many Western countries actually had sexist, racist and antisemitic policies. They were actually discriminated against by the societies they lived in. They had real reasons to complain and protest, yet they were even punished when doing that!

There is no comparison with the world today.

No, nothing is perfect today and there are still haters, sexists, racists and antisemites. But today, society and governments see those things as wrong and provide the tools to fight them.

Yet, instead of being thankful for living in a world with so much freedom and equality, today’s “progressives” complain and protest about almost everything, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

It is so sad to witness this happen to Western society as a whole, and even sadder to witness this happening to so many Jews today. America and Israel are amazing countries to live in today. For Jews, we have not had it this good since we last had our Independence in Israel 2,000 years ago! Today we are so blessed as Jews, in America and in Israel.

Israel itself is a living miracle. The Jewish people finally are home in our homeland with the ability to protect ourselves against our enemies, who are real and dangerous. Yet, so many Americans hate America today as so many American Jews hate Israel today. It makes no logical sense and it is so sad to witness. Instead of being grateful and thankful they are angry, violent and destructive.

They Attack Him for This…

In the second clip of the video, the IfNotNow anti-Israel activist complains that the Congressman supported acts that are 100% pro-Israel. He complains that he supported the US Embassy move to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. He also complains that the Congressman supported the Taylor Force Act, a moral act which withholds money to the Palestinian Authority so long as they pay salaries to convicted murdering terrorists, aka “pay to slay”. How immoral can one be to ignore the evil in giving money to murdering terrorists? That is what has become of the “progressive” left. They have regressed to support and represent immorality.

A strong and secure Israel is in the interest of the USA and all Americans. Supporting Israel is not just for Israel’s benefit, but for America and the freedom-loving world. Too bad these activists are not even open to dialogue to begin to understand this important point of view.

Great Responses to the Video

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