Rafah Invasion Begins After Bibi Ignores Biden’s Warnings

by David Mark

Shortly after nightfall IDF ground forces crossed into Southern Gaza and advanced on Eastern Rafah while jets pummeled the city from overhead.

Since yesterday’s attack by Hamas on IDF positions in Kerem Shalom crossing killed four soldiers and blew up the faux hostage deal negotiations, Israel’s War Cabinet unanimously voted to push forward with a ground assault even after the US seemed to conspire with Hamas to create a new ceasefire deal. The surprise ground assault occurred 24 hours after Israel started warning residents of Rafah to evacuate.

Reports indicate that Joe Biden spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu just before IDF forces launched their ground operation in order to express his opposition to the move. Netanyahu clearly ignored Biden’s request.

Watch IDF Troops Pray Before Launching Rafah Operation

In the first phase of the attack, Israel appears to be planning on capturing the Rafah crossing. Reports are flowing in about heavy fighting on the ground and increased airstrikes throughout Rafah. According to Arab reports, 3 IDF tanks have arrived at a distance of about 200 meters from the Rafah crossing and they are firing at buildings in the crossing. The aim is to take the crossing and begin to control the border between Egypt and Gaza.

The surprise attack at the end of Holocaust Remembrance Day shifts the momentum back to the IDF and also packages the Rafah operation as a sort of battle for Israel’s own salvation against the Nazis of our own time. Connecting the battle over Rafah with the Holocaust unifies the country, reminding the populace on why the IDF must push ahead.

The invasion shatters the assumption on the part of the Americans that Bibi will just “fold” like he usually does. While he has made mistakes, the order to take Rafah despite Biden’s opposition should be seen as a sort of rectification for the Prime Minister - a cathartic moment that frees him from the shackles of American control.

Israel is finally on its own.

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