Putin Visits Iran – What Are They Planning?

by David Mark

The end will come in an instant we are told. And as the world’s eyes are fixed on Ukraine, the real story is brewing between Russia and Iran and their plans for carving up Syria and taking on Israel.

Russian President Vladimir Putin with Iranian leaders in Tehran as well as President Erdogan from Turkey yesterday. While solving the Syrian crisis, which essentially means carving up Syria, the real topic was how to work together to take on Israel.

The fact is Iran’s position has only strengthened as of late. The Biden administration is weak, China is buying oil and gas from the Islamic regime and even Putin is in need of help in the form of drones. For Russia, they made need the drones, but their eyes as always is on the Holy Land. Putin wants a permanent base in the Levant. That is Syria, but what he really wants is Jerusalem.

Both the leaders of Iran, Erdogan of Turkey, and Putin all want the same place and appear ready to work together to get it. So while the world is distracted, the enemies of Israel are planning Jewish State’s demise. We are led by self centered, egotistical, assimilated politicians, more concerned by world public opinion than protecting their country. Israel’s enemies are ready to attack and in a moment it could begin. While our leaders may not be ready – we must.

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