Protesters Fight Against US PA Consulate Plan: “It Violates International Law”

by Leah Rosenberg

The US PA Consulate plan is absolutely insane. There are good reasons – VERY good reasons – that protesters are standing up against this.

The US PA Consulate Plan

Can this current US administration possibly do anymore damage than they already have done? What are they trying to do with this US PA Consulate plan? They are most definitely not going to bring peace. The US is breaking international law. They are going against G-d – He gave Jerusalem to the Jewish people, and the US thinks they know better than G-d. Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of the Jewish people. It is where King David established the capital of the Jews THOUSANDS of years ago – way before Islam ever existed. This US administration needs to pick up a history book and learn about the past.

Many organizations came to demonstrate against this US plan and called on the Israeli government to stand strong against pressure from the US.

There should be no discussion or pressure from the current US administration to divide Jerusalem.

Dozens of senators introduced a bill to block this PA consulate plan. The bill was led by Republican Senator Bill Hagerty.

Here is the livestream of the entire protest that took place in Jerusalem:

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