Proof that music has the power to uplift the soul

by Leah Rosenberg

Many things in this world have the power to uplift the soul. There is something, though, about music that can really break through darkness.

Music That Can Uplift the Soul

Music is such a powerful gift from God. King David used music to connect with God, and so can we.

This song can definitely uplift the soul. Whether you understand the words or not, there is something so special and moving about the tune. And on top of that, listening to a father sing with his sons is just beautiful, to say the least. Their voices are angelic. Shim Craimer has sang with his sons before. Their song about returning to Zion is stunning and definitely worth listening to.

The Words

These words are in Psalms and are recited on Friday night of the Shabbat. Many synagogues like to sing these words, and Shim Craimer created his own tune to sing.

The translation is as follows (Courtesy of

The righteous one flourishes like the palm; as a cedar in Lebanon he grows. Planted in the house of the Lord, in the courts of our God they will flourish. They will yet grow in old age; fat and fresh will they be. To declare that the Lord is upright, my rock in Whom there is no injustice.

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