Proof Of Concerted Effort By The Chinese Regime To Destroy America

by Gavriel Dan

The following video should disturb anyone and call into question the official line from the American government and the main stream media.

While it is clear that most Chinese living in America are innocent and moved to America for a better life, the above video which was originally translated by pro-American Hong Kong activist WB Yeats clearly shows a Chinese national engaging in depleting Florida’s inventory of face masks and gloating over it.

Is this proof of a larger Chinese Communist plot to use the coronavirus or COVID-19 to take down America or just one fanatical and evil Chinese Communist nationalist? It is not clear. But with all the information now about falsified Chinese mortality rates and COVID-19 data nothing should shock anyone anymore.

To be clear no believes that these sort of videos are indicative of Chinese people, after all this video was promoted by pro Western elements in Hong Kong who are Chinese, but the Chinese Communist Party has for years supported a strategy of taking down America from the inside.

Our friends in Hong Kong and Taiwan have warned us repeatedly and now America and the Western world is suffering and falling apart due to our leaders’ deaf ears and greedy pockets.

Is it too late?

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