President Trump supports Bibi despite allegations against the Israeli PM

by Leah Rosenberg

The US President and the Israeli PM have a good, strong relationship. It is nice for allies such as America and Israel to get along and be on the same page!

The Israeli PM

The Israeli PM has a difficult job. Running a country like Israel is not an easy task. But it is even harder if the President of the United States does not support Israel. When Israel’s friends are not even defending her, then who will? And that has happened many times over the course of history. But now, with President Trump in the White House, Israel has had unwavering support from its strongest ally.

Trump and Bibi

President Donald Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu seem to have a very strong relationship. And that is why even during times when Bibi is potentially facing indictment, President Trump is still acknowledging all the good he has done for Israel. He still feels he is strong and defends his people.

Even in times of distress and difficulties, Israel does not want to lose its strong friendship with America. Whatever the future brings for the Israeli PM and Israel, hopefully America will still stand by Israel’s side and help its friend through shaky times.

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