British Jew Warns Americans about the Corbynization of the Democratic Party

by Avi Abelow

Anti-Israel activists are dominating progressive movements within the Democrat Party. These progressives are winning the hearts of left-leaning Jews with their talk of social change… but that is exactly what happened in the UK. This British Jew is sending out an SOS to the masses to learn from their mistakes.

Corbynization of the Democratic Party

As in America, where a large percentage of Jews have supported the left-leaning Democratic party, so too a large percentage of British Jews have been loyal to the left-leaning Labour party.

Many of them even supported Corbyn and his takeover of the Labour party leadership. Not until he was leader did they begin to feel the antisemitism that accompanies his progressive platform. The party today is a bastion of antisemitism that he won’t even acknowledge. Jews and non-Jews are leaving the Labour party in droves.

Joseph Cohen is a British Jew who is a very active advocate for Israel on the streets of Britain. He runs the Israel Advocacy Movement. He is very familiar with what Britain is experiencing with Corby’s takeover of the Labour party.

He is now warning the US to beware of the that same process in the Democratic party in the US.

Just as British people voted in Corbyn and his progressive policies yet received a disgusting atmesphere of Jew hatred that can forever change Britain and British society, Americans seem to be doing the same thing with the progressives in the Democratic party.

I hope American, especially American Jews, wake up to Joseph’s warning before it is too late.

Every society in history that has mainstreamed Jew-hatred ended up self-destructing. The Jewish people end paying a hefty price, yet we have always survived. However, the rest of society also pays a heavy price as well. The hatred always starts with the Jews because we are easy prey to scapegoat, but then it eats away at other part of a society as well.

Dr. Risch

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