2 dramatically rescued after being trapped by flood in Jerusalem’s Arazim Valley

by Leah Rosenberg

There has been a ton of rain in Israel recently! But this time, the heavy rain caused a flood in Jerusalem’s Arazim Valley.

Flood in Jerusalem

Special units were sent to rescue 2 people that were trapped in the Arazim Valley in a flood in Jerusalem. A river overflowed and caused flooding. There were four search and rescue teams, helped by the special rescue unit of firefighters and rescuers who came to save the trapped people. You can see in this video how they brought them to safety. They continued to look for others who might have been trapped along the river.

People have been asked to drive safely and listen to instructions. In the past, people have sadly died from flash floods.

Praying for Rain

We pray for rain in Israel. The country depends on good rainfall. It is considered a blessing. Israel needs a lot of rain when it is the rainy season. The Jewish people ask God for this blessing. We have to pray that it comes only as a blessing. It is a special and unique relationship between God, the Jewish people, and the land of Israel.

Hopefully there will be no more dangerous rain situations and only blessings!

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