American Imam says Moses and Jesus were Muslim

by Phil Schneider

Moses lived around 3,500 years ago. The Muslim faith began around 1,500 years ago. That fact, which every single reasonable historian will agree with does not matter much to this Imam. In truth, many facts don’t matter all that much to many Imams. They don’t let the facts get in the way of their narrative.

The Easy Way Out

In general, these days, the trend to rewrite history has picked up alot of steam – especially as it relates to the State of Israel. There are so many powerful historical proofs that show that the anti-Israel narrative is a house of cards. Therefore, it is just easier to rewrite history with absurd statements than it is to actually grapple with reality. Even so, it is one thing to argue that there exists an indigenous Arab population in the Land of Israel. This is 1-2% true, and 98-99% exaggeration or false. But, to say that Moses or anyone who lived thousands of years before the Muslim faith was founded – was a Muslim – that certainly requires a tremendous leap of faith.

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