7 year old boy called “little Hitler” for supporting Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

Since when did supporting Trump become a crime worthy of such a vicious name? AND for a 7 year old boy? This is despicable!

Supporting Trump and Security

A 7 year old boy wanted to support President Trump’s border wall. He wants America and Americans to feel safe and protected. Is that a crime? The fact that he has been called “Little Hitler” for setting up a hot cocoa stand is absolutely sickening. And the Liberal media has endorsed this! Absurd. He is just a child…

Has the Left sunk so low that they feel a 7 year old boy is like Hitler for supporting President Trump? It is just shocking! Why did the media not condemn it? Why did they not consider it an attack? They seem to agree with it.

A Disgrace

Comparing a little boy to Hitler for supporting Trump completely dishonors the victims of the Holocaust. It diminishes and undermines the horrors and crimes that Hitler carried out. 6 million Jews were tortured, butchered, and murdered. And it is frightening that the Left actually compared a little child to what Hitler did to millions upon millions of innocent people. They used reference of the Holocaust in the most inappropriate way. And they should be ashamed of themselves. But are they?

Whether you agree with the President’s policies or not, calling a 7 year old “Littler Hitler” is unacceptable, to say the least. When someone disagrees with your view, he should not be compared to one of the world’s most notorious tyrants.

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