President Biden Completely Loses it After Reporter Asks This Question

by Phil Schneider

It’s not very difficult to get under President Biden’s skin. This is not a new phenomenon. Five, ten, and twenty years ago, Biden was not known for being the relaxed and cool under pressure type. But that does not make a person unfit for the Presidency. There were others who occupied the Oval Office who were not known for being calm under pressure. Bill Clinton clearly got angry quite often, and so did Donald Trump and LBJ. So, why is it such a big deal that President Biden gets angry so easily?

The Democrats are still not willing to admit what nearly every person in America knows today. Joe Biden is losing his faculties. It’s that simple. Was Ronald Reagan also losing his faculties at the end of his 2nd term of his Presidency. Perhaps, and perhaps not. But Reagan at least used it to his advantage when he had to find a way to explain his knowledge or lack of knowledge of the Iran-Contra affair. So, it probably helped Reagan more than it hindered him. And Reagan was just fine in the beginning of his 2nd term. But Biden is still in the BEGINNING of his 1st term.

People with early stages of dementia tend to be more frustrated than other people because they don’t have as much control over things as they used to. This is normal behavior for people who are suffering as Biden is. The Democrats are not fooling anyone. Biden is actually not the one at fault here. It’s Jill Biden who knows more than anyone how confused the Chief Executive is, and the rest of Biden’s staff who also know that they are holding up this puppet Presidency as if the country does not need a President with all of his faculties.

The real reason this charade is continuing is that the Democrats have nobody else to turn to and Barack Obama is enjoying his 3rd term running the country. Of course, Obama is just one of the many people that have Biden and Blinken’s ear, but he is probably the most influential of them all. 2022 will be the year that the Democrats are punished in Congress on such a level that no Democrat will want to get anywhere close to running for the 2024 nomination. The question is how costly will the mistakes of 2022 be. Will Russia and China view 2022 as their last chance to capitalize on America’s weak leadership? I’d vote yes. The Ukraine and Taiwan are in the cross-hairs now. Biden will probably just bumble away about economic sanctions while the world realigns and becomes more and more dangerous due to the irresponsible leadership at the helm of the United States.

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