Praising God has never sounded better

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people use many different methods when praising God. Sometimes it is with prayer, sometimes with actions, and sometimes with music.

Praising God with Song

There are many different types of Jewish singers. They all have their unique style. Yaakov Shwekey is a popular Jewish singer who always shares something unique in his music. He gives over powerful messages through song.

This song, “Yishtabach Shemo” is about praising God’s name. It literally means “may His name be praised.”

How beautiful it is to see that in the music video, everyone is praising God! It is not just one person who feels the need to sing and dance. Everyone is excited about calling out to God.

People of all backgrounds can have a connection with God. The music video shows that, and it is an important message to remember.

Connecting to God in Other Ways

There is not just one way to connect with God. Some people do not feel God through music. There are people who would rather pray. Some would rather study the Bible. And others would rather do acts of kindness. God can be felt in every area of life.

Judaism is filled with many different sects and even within those sects, there are all types of people. Each individual just needs to find his place. Every person needs to find his unique way to praise God within the framework of Judaism.

One person is not better than the other for connecting to God in a different way. That is the beauty of Judaism!

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