Powerful: Watch Why the IDF Cannot Protect Israel Without Judicial Reform

by Phil Schneider

Handcuffs. That’s what it comes down to. The Supreme Court of the State of Israel has long gone from being the group of people who administer justice to the group of people that handcuff those who work to keep the country safe and just. Far from being an impartial arbiter, the Supreme Court of the State of Israel acts as a left-wing political party that is not elected by the people, yet has inordinate influence on nearly every activity in the State of Israel.

But indeed, the most important intervention by the Supreme Court over the last twenty years, has been in making sure that everything that the Israel Defense Forces does adheres to the man-made principles that the Justices decide on. That sounds rather lofty and justice-oriented. But actually, it basically means that the IDF is partially run by left-wing judicial back-seat drivers who are driven by radical left-wing values.

In nearly every other Western country, the Supreme Court does not appoint it’s own cohorts. The elected bodies are the ones that appoint and approve the Justices. It would be unfathomable for the United States to fight a war with the handcuffs of the Supreme Court deciding what was acceptable and what was not.

But the most important detail is who elects the judges. In the United States, the Executive Branch nominates. The Senate Judicial Committee must approve the nominees. It’s not a perfect system. But it does keep the Supreme Court rather balanced and representative of what the bulk of the electorate is looking for.

In Israel, the Supreme Court basically represents a far-left world view that is way out of the mainstream of the State of Israel. This only happened due to the fact that the Judiciary has no connection to the electorate – but only to the other members of the Judiciary.

It is finally time to make the changes necessary – once and for all – if Israel will truly become a democracy.

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