Climate Change and the Dangerous Agenda of the Left

by Avi Abelow

The following powerful anecdote about the left was posted Greg Malakoff on his facebook page.

“You may have noticed that I would always reference Venezuela if someone was interested in seeing what the goal of the Progressive, Leftist, Democratic, Communist, Pedophile, Party was. But what was I thinking? I could have saved everyone from getting a passport and just invited them to San Francisco or Los Angeles. Once the most beautiful cities in America, now just a pitiful reminder of just how bad democratic management is.

However, yesterday I witnessed something on a level that has probably not been seen since the 1930’s when Hitler had his youth on parade. So now I’m changing their name to the Progressive, Leftist, Democratic, Communist, Pedophile, Nazi Party. (PLDCPNP) I know, they’ve been acting like Nazis for a long time now, attacking people while they eat, beating up anyone that didn’t vote the way that they demanded, but now, they organized our kids to do their bidding for their mad power grab. Seriously, it is incredibly sick, when the PLDCPN Party know that they are lying about climate change, purposely scares the living shit out of poor innocent children, and marches them out onto the street, marches behind them with their goal of enslaving them for life.

You can make fun of them all you want, but they are fighting the dirtiest fight of their lives. There are no rules, they’ll gouge your eyes out, bite your balls off, nothing is too disgusting for them as they call everyone else disgusting, or deplorable, or Nazi Racists, etc. They are getting away with it. All we are doing is maybe hitting a like button on FB. They are buying helmets and masks, and bear spray, and baseball bats, and attacking people that appear to be favorable to the concept of America. Their democratic mayors make their police departments allow these Nazi thugs to roam free throughout their cities.

If we use the wrong pronoun they will demand that we never be allowed to work again. If we don’t bake a cake for them on demand, we will be destroyed. If we don’t let their Trans gendered transvestites play with our kids we’ll be arrested. If we wear a red hat, their violent mobs will hunt us down. If we complain about their behavior, we’ll be silenced.

I think you got the big idea here. They know that we don’t have the time to riot in the streets like they do, but we may just have to make the time to express our civil rights. Of course when we do, it will be against the law. But right now, they can burn a city down and it is perfectly fine. Or they can burn it down slowly, by letting 3rd world, almost extinct diseases become the new fad. If you don’t want to die from Typhus, you are a racist.”

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