EU Spending 2 Billion Euros to Illegally Steal Jewish Land in Judea & Samaria

by Avi Abelow

Over the past decade, 28,650 illegal Arab structures have been built in an area of Judea & Samaria called Area C, under full Israeli control. Hundreds of kilometers of roads have been laid, and hundreds of thousands of agricultural dunams have been taken over in land that has never belonged to a Palestinian Arab. It is all built on Israeli state-owned land.

This invasion is being implemented with the involvement and guidance of the EU and with major financial support from abroad.

The EU is actively stealing Israeli land, and they explain it away as totally legal according to international law, even though it contravenes international law.

According to Attorney Avi Segal of Regavim “Even in the absence of the Oslo Accords, according to the Hague Convention of 1907, the State of Israel as the owner/occupier has the exclusive authority to issue construction permits, and the EU must not take part in illegal construction activity at any rate.” He said that Israel’s Foreign Ministry “must put an end to this activity, whether through diplomatic or legal channels.”

Edwin Black explains that while the EU are the ones that once supported the two-state solution, the EU is now supporting the dissolution of the two-state solution.

As Black writes in his JNS article:

But by virtue of a cumulative multibillion-euro effort, European capitals are working hard to destabilize the last pillars of the Oslo Accords. Thus, these countries seek to create a Palestinian state along the 1948 armistice line (also known as the 1967 lines) without further consulting the Jewish state. This ensures that the Palestinian Authority knows it need not negotiate with Jerusalem, even as the United States and Gulf countries make a daring dash to achieve peace.

As the urgency of Area C is becoming clearer, still murky is the source of the diverse European funding that enables this conflict and the routes those billions of euros take across the Mediterranean. What’s more, there is widespread fear that millions in funds are continuously funneled through entities openly accused of being affiliated with established terrorist organizations.

Edwin Black

Edwin Black is an influential investigative journalist and a New York Times bestselling author, with book sales in the millions sold in countries all over the world. One of the most famous of Black’s books is IBM and the Holocaust. Another of his books focused on the war on Israel is Financing the Flames: How Tax-Exempt and Public Money Fuel a Culture of Confrontation and Terror in Israel.

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