Pompeo calls out UNSC for not extending arms embargo on top terror regime

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, here is the UNSC for you. They don’t provide security, that’s for sure. How can any country not try to stop Iran from putting the world at risk?

The UNSC Does Nothing

The United Nations Security Council, or the UNSC, does not seem to provide any security for the world. In fact, they actively stop the world from being secure. Countries who are part of that council voted against stopping Iran from attaining more weapons. They voted in favor of the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism. What are they even doing on the Security Council?

A situation like this just further proves that the United Nations is a joke. The UN does not help the world in any way. They condemn democratic countries like Israel while providing a safe space for tyrannical governments like North Korea. They vote against Israel constantly while allowing the evil regime of Iran to continue spreading terror.

It truly does not make sense. But that is just the classic irrationality present in the UN.

Iran is a Danger to the Whole World

The thing is, Iran is not just a danger to Israel. They are a danger to the entire Middle East. And they are a danger to the entire world. Does the UN really not care? It definitely seems like it based on their actions – or lack of action.

It is sad how the United Nations’ goal was to help the world, and they have done the opposite.

Dr. Risch

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