PM Netanyahu is greeted with cheers in Brazil

by Leah Rosenberg

PM Netanyahu is creating more diplomatic relations with different countries. Next country he can cross off the list is Brazil!

PM Netanyahu

PM Netanyahu has attempted and often succeeded in doing many good things for the Jewish state. Some people agree with his policies, and some people do not. But no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you have to be able to admit when he does something positive for the Jewish state.

And indeed, he has definitely had many positive moments as prime minister of Israel. One of those positive moments includes the diplomatic relations that he has improved between Israel and other countries.

Diplomatic Relations

Netanyahu has tried to improve diplomatic relations with various countries. He was actually the first Israeli prime minister to visit Brazil! The meetings were successful. And as is shown in this video, the people greeted PM Netanyahu with open arms. “This is a great day for Brazil and a great day for the Brazil-Israel alliance. As President Bolsonaro said, ‘The Brazil-Israel brotherhood.’ So we feel we are among brothers, family. And I saw the enthusiastic inception that we just received here from the people. So, President Bolsonaro represents the people. And it’s a wonderful beginning, a new day.”

It is encouraging to see that new relationships can be made with various countries. Israel is strong, but it doesn’t hurt to have as many friends as possible. And hopefully moving forward from now, Israel and Brazil will only strengthen their new friendship!

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