PM Netanyahu gives a heartfelt farewell to Ambassador David Friedman

by Leah Rosenberg

PM Netanyahu knows how blessed Israel has been to have such a strong supporter as the US ambassador to the Jewish state.

PM Netanyahu Thanks Ambassador Friedman

PM Netanyahu does not take for granted what Ambassador Friedman and the Trump administration did for Israel. To name a few accomplishments: The US Embassy being moved to Jerusalem along with recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital; recognizing the Golan Heights; creating a peace plan that can actually work. And then there are all the normalization peace deals with Arab countries. As Bibi said to the ambassador, “You made history.”

Friedman and the Trump administration helped fight against terror. They stood alongside Israel in standing strong against Iran.

You’d think all these things would be a given for an ally of Israel, but we have seen in the past that nothing is a given.

It is clear that what Ambassador Friedman and the Trump administration did for Israel is unprecedented. And the fact that Friedman himself is a practicing Jew was unique. What a bittersweet farewell. Israel could not have asked for a better friend in Friedman.

Yes, there were challenges over the last 4 years for Israel and the US and the world. Especially in the last year with a world pandemic, things were not always smooth. But just because some things were challenging does not mean that everything was rough. There were moments that were filled with positivity and blessing. And we have to thank G-d for sending Trump and Ambassador Friedman to carry out such historic events.

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