CNN outrageously says all Trump voters are with the KKK

by Leah Rosenberg

CNN actually compared all Trump voters to the Ku Klux Klan. That is immoral, untrue, and just plain absurd.

All Trump Voters are NOT “with the Klan”

What is there to even say about this? To classify ALL Trump Voters as part of the KKK is absolutely outrageous. Are there far right extremists who voted for Trump? Yes. And are their extreme Leftists who voted for Biden? Yes. To classify all of Trump’s supporters as “with the Klan” is a horrific and false comment. You don’t have to love Trump to be able to see clearly. You can disagree with some of what he says and does, but that does not make him part of the Alt-Right. He condemns White Supremacy. He condemns racism and antisemitism. And he has not only done so with his words, but he has also done so in action.

Trump’s support for the Jewish state is unprecedented. If he was a White Nationalist, he would not support the Jewish people. If he was a racist, he would not have helped the Black community the way he has. Under the Trump administration, Black unemployment was the lowest it had been in history.

It isn’t surprising coming from CNN, if we are being honest. CNN is no longer a credible news source. They have said horrific things. And everything they said here about Trump voters is true about their own.

Enough, CNN.

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