Pentagon releases drone footage of military raid that killed ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi

by Avi Abelow

The US has shown that it stands strong against terrorism. ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi is finally gone. Here is the footage that the Pentagon released.

Pentagon Success

The military raid that lead to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was a success. His death was confirmed with a DNA sample from 2004 when he was detained by US forces in Iraq.

Al Baghdadi blew himself up in a hole with two small children during the raid.

Al-Baghdadi was the ISIS leader for the last five years. There were many times where the terrorist leader was thought to be dead or injured. But now, it is official.

Praising the US for Fighting Terror

After the news came out that the ISIS leader had been killed by blowing himself up during a US military raid of his hideout, Israel applauded the US for its fight against terrorism. PM Netanyahu said, “I want to congratulate President Trump on the impressive achievement… This reflects the united resolve of the free countries led by the United States to fight the forces of terror, the terror organizations and the terrorist states.”

Although there is more terror to defeat and more work to be done, it is important to acknowledge moments of victory. It should be used as motivation to continue fighting the evil of the world.

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