Bibi’s impressive message when he had no idea the cameras were rolling 

by Phil Schneider

This message of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is universally applicable. It has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with the lives we live today. He is so on the money. Today’s world is filled with so much technology that people have lost their freedom. They have lost their freedom due to all of the hi-tech gadgets. Netanyahu is known for being a deep and wise Prime Minister. It is due in no small part to his ability to concentrate and stay focused on the matters at hand. That can only be done by someone who is not a slave to their hi-tech gadgets or to any other things in this world.

A Hi-Tech World Filled With Addiction

Before the hi-tech gadgets became such a powerful force in this world, it was universally recognized that addictions – whether to drugs, alcohol, or other things was a negative phenomenon. Not just a negative phenomenon, but a horrible situation that led to the destruction of people’s lives. But, today, nearly everyone who was raised with a smartphone at a young age has basically become addicted to it’s use, and can’t imagine life without it.

More mature people who grew up without smartphones are more able to live without their phones. This is analogous to TV addiction. In the 50’s and 60’s, children were less addicted to TV. But children of the 80’s, 90’s and further were raised in a world that was filled with TV addiction, and cannot imagine not having TV in their lives. But what TV, Drug, and Alcohol addicts need more than anything in their lives is a break. A short break – whether every day, or at least once a week, and from there to build on that concept.

An important key to getting beyond the addiction is to make a firm decision – in whatever fashion works best – alone or with a group, with prayer or without – that at least once a day or once a week, there will be a break from the addiction. Then, gradually, a person needs to add to the “time-out” strategy until things are back to a semblance of control, and we control our gadgets instead of having them control us. Thank you Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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