Peace will be impossible until this “Palestinian” politician is gone

by Avi Abelow

Can anyone honestly believe that the “Palestinians” want peace with Israel after listening to this? Let’s be honest: It’s not about land.

How Can Peace be Possible?

The world blames Israel for lack of peace in the Middle East. But who is really at fault? Israel is happy to be neighbors and live side by side with the “Palestinians.” The problem is this: The “Palestinians” are not interested in that. It’s not about land. It’s about the fact that they want to destroy the Jewish people.

When you listen to an interview such as this one, it is quite clear how much the “Palestinians” hate the Jewish people. And the lies! The lies are horrendous. There is no Holocaust against the “Palestinians” as this politician says. Israel treats everyone equally – as long as they are not trying to murder the Jews. The “Palestinians” are the ones slaughtering the Jews in Israel; not the other way around. The “Palestinians” even murder their own people!

And another thing to note is how much this politician hates Trump. That just shows how good he was for the Jewish people. The fact that they are happier about Biden being in office reveals a frightening truth about Biden and his attitude toward Israel versus the “Palestinians.”

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