Palestinian Authority struggling with “peace” process

by Avi Abelow

PLO terrorists, aka, the Palestinian Authority officials, are finally squirming in their seats regarding the “peace” process. Up until now, the Western world went along with their facade.  Leaders acted as if the PA was truly interested in peace with Israel.  They went along with their demands of Israel and ignored Israel’s demands of the PLO to stop supporting and inciting terror against Israel. Now, the PA is finally squirming, and it is beautiful to see.

Oslo Peace Process

For over 20 years these PLO terrorists, whitewashed by the world as the “Palestinian Authority”, sasd in English that they  want peace.  At the same time, they supported and incited terror against Israel and innocent Jews.

Only now, after President Trump entered the world stage, the world is finally waking up.  People are now demanding that the Palestinian Authority stop paying salaries to terrorists in jail and their families. Does an entity that pays terrorists according to how many innocent Israelis they murder really sound like it is interested in “peace”?  The world had always been silent about this support of terrorism.  Now this changing.

Teaching Terrorism

The Palestinian Authority educational textbooks, funded with international aid, educate children against the legitimacy of Israel’s existence. United Nations and UNRWA funded schools educate the childen to want to be martyrs.  These children grow up and dream about killing Jews and pray to destroy Israel. Yet the world was silent and kept on pressuring Israel to give up land and Jerusalem in a fake “peace” process.


Finally this dynamic is changing. President Trump is showing the Palestinian Authority that there are new rules. They can no longer get away with supporting terror and expecting the world to pressure Israel to give up land. If they want peace, they have to prove that they really want peace. Trump’s “ultimate deal of the century” is a whole new paradigm. I doubt it will come about, because it is exposing the PLO, Palestinian Authority, for what they really are, terrorists not interested in peace.

It is wonderful to watch the PA leadership squirm in the face of bold leadership. Finally the PA finds themselves on the hot seat.  Now they need to prove that they are truly interested in peace and that is a tall order for these people. After 20+ years of supporting and inciting terror against Israel it is quite clear to us that all along they just put on a facade. Now, President Trump is hopefully giving them one last chance. Let’s see where things proceed from here.

Roe vs. Wade

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