Palestinian Authority Official: “Islam’s religious war to destroy Israel has started”

by Avi Abelow

A leader of the Palestinian Authority says straight out that their war against us is a religious war.  This is not a war over territory. When will the world, Israel and the Jewish people wake up and accept this fact? Without accepting this fact, no solution to the murderous campaign to kill Israeli Jews and destroy Israel will ever stop it.

Mahmoud Al-Habbash

Al-Habbash is the most important religious figure in the Palestinian Authority.  He is the closest person to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. He unabashedly preaches that the conflict with Israel is a religious war for Islam against Israel and Jews.

Al-Habbash was appointed by Abbas as his personal advisor on Islam and the PA’s Supreme Shari’ah Judge.

He speaks about “The Battle of History between Islam and the enemies of Islam.” Israelis/Jews are the “enemies of Islam,” “enemies of Muslims,” have a “culture of Satan,” and represent “evil.” Worse yet, Al-Habbash explained that the current battle is not just another battle on behalf of Islam. It is the ultimate battle described in the Quran as the “final promise,” that leads to great destruction for the “Children of Israel.”

Religious War

What else do people need to see or hear to understand that the conflict is a religious war and not a conflict over land? Muslims in the Holy Land of Israel killed us back in the 1920s. The State of Israel did not exist yet. It was only established in 1948. So they were definitely not killing us because of the State of Israel.

The Muslims in the whole area were constantly at war with us between 1948-1967.  Terrorists infilitrated Israel from all directions. Israel only liberated Judea and Samaria in 1967 and only began building settlements in the 1970s. So they were not killing us because of the “occupation” or because of the “settlements.”

A Religious War

They have been murdering us all these years because we are Jews. Just as they murder non-Muslims in Europe, the USA and across the world.

Islam is always at war with all other religions. Islam is a culture of conquest and domination. That is what the Islamic Caliphate is all about so that Allah reigns supreme.

Until the world understands this basic lesson about Islam, we will continue to experience Muslim terror.

The world has to stop burying its head in the sand regarding the religious war that is going on around us. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Actually, it only enables it to grow even stronger against us all.

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