Palestinian Arabs Want This Video Taken Down from the Internet

by Leah Rosenberg

Do Palestinian Arabs have rights to the land of Israel? If the area was called Palestine, does that mean it belongs to them? Think again.

Palestinian Arabs and the Land of Israel

This video completely disproves the narrative of Palestinian Arabs. The world believes the story that the “Palestinians” tell. They believe all their claims. But if you learn history, nothing can be farther from the truth. The “Palestinians” are not who they say they are. They do not belong in the land of Israel. You don’t even need to spend that long learning about history. A short video like this one shares so much information.

And the Bible of course represents the truth. The archaeology shares the truth. History shares the truth.

Some people don’t care about history and the truth. They hate the Jews so much that they will help the Palestinian Arabs spread their false narrative. They will do anything to rid the land of Israel of the Israelites themselves. But there are many out there who are just ignorant. And we must teach them the truth.

It is mind boggling that people are so unaware of history, and it is also mind-boggling that people are so aware of history and yet choose to ignore it.

The history of Israel and the Jewish people is a long and ancient history. No matter how hard people try to erase it and deny it, it will never go away. The Jewish people will never go away. G-d protects His people. Just look at history. The Jewish nation should have been gone long ago. But we are still here and strong.

It’s time to accept the truth about Israel and the nation of Israel.

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