The Left is Even Shocked Obama Did This to Biden

by Phil Schneider

Everybody inside the White House and anybody who sees Joe Biden outside of the bright lights of the cameras, knows that Joe Biden is largely just a figurehead at the top of the Executive Office. Barack Obama is making most of the tough decisions and setting priorities for the Biden administration. Joe and Barack talk every day and decide what to focus on and what issues to avoid.

It is not the first time that a President, during his tenure, has been physically challenged. FDR was a young, but dying President when he got reelected in 1944. Before the age of television, it was much easier to hide just how serious his ailments were. When Harry Truman met with FDR, he was shocked to see that FDR could barely hold a cup of water without spilling it.

The fateful decisions that FDR was making at that time, as World War II was winding down and the Cold War was beginning to form, would impact the lives of the entire world for many decades. The meetings with Stalin and Churchill were indeed some of the most historically significant meetings of world leaders during the 20th century, and the USA was represented by a dying President. But were their better alternatives? Was a sick and ailing FDR such a bad choice to negotiate?

We’ll never know, but one could argue that a General Marshall or General Eisenhower would have protected the interests of the Western world better than FDR had FDR let them run the negotiations with Stalin. Churchill was sounding the alarm about Joseph Stalin earlier than nearly anybody. As usual, Churchill was correct in noting just how ruthless and impossible Stalin would be to work with. A healthy President may indeed have done a better job than FDR in that position.

Ronald Reagan, towards the end of his 2nd term of his Presidency, was apparently beginning to slow down. But most of the massive changes across the Soviet Union would happen after George H. Bush took over in 1989. Oddly enough, it was probably a good thing that Reagan was a rather docile President caught up in the Iran-Contra affair proceedings in 1987 and 1988. The Soviet Union was crumbling from the inside out following the effective arms race economic measures that Reagan had implemented in his first term.

Economic sanctions, applied properly, can have an enormous impact, weaken threats, and bring down regimes. It worked with the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Libya. Unfortunately, Joe Biden and Barack Obama do not believe in the proper application of economic sanctions. Instead of Iran falling apart from the inside, their policies have continued to allow China and Russia to keep propping up Iran from dealing with financial collapse. A compromised President being managed by a former President who believes in pacifying dictators is a mortal threat to Israel and the free world. Obama and Kamala may be laughing. We should be worried.

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