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Palestinian Arab terrorist rams car into IDF soldiers


Multiple IDF soldiers were wounded when a Palestinian Arab terrorist decided to ram his car into them. Do you see what Israel faces?

IDF Soldiers Rammed by Terrorist

IDF forces caught the Palestinian Arab terrorist who rammed his car into IDF soldiers, injuring 5. The attack took place Saturday night as the soldiers stood on a street between Hizme, an Arab village, and Anatot, a Jewish community.

What kind of monster does this to innocent young soldiers who are not doing anything to harm him? Well, this is what Israel faces on a daily basis. Terrorists try to harm them for just living life in their own land. These Israeli soldiers did not instigate.

Other Car Ramming Attacks

Sadly, the Palestinian Arabs have used car ramming attacks as a way to kill Israelis. They have killed and injured many innocent people who never got to say goodbye to their loved ones.

The video below shows another, previous car ramming attack. It is just sickening and heartbreaking. How can anyone be so evil? Now you can get a small glimpse at what Israel is up against. Can the world finally stop blaming the only Jewish state for the terrorism committed by Palestinian Arabs?