Palestinian Arab says Something Absolutely Shocking at Oxford Debate

by Leah Rosenberg

Another brave Palestinian Arab! What Mudar Zahran said at an Oxford debate will blow you away. I have never heard something like this before!

Oxford Debate

The Oxford Union is a platform to debate different ideas. You would expect a Palestinian Arab to stand up and criticize Israel; to demonize the Jewish state. But Mudar Zahran had other plans. At this Oxford debate, he did something different. He told the world the truth. Mudar criticized the Palestinian Arab leaders and Jordan for the way they treat their own people. He condemned the lies they spread. And it was absolutely amazing to listen to! Hopefully, more people like Zahran will be able to publicly stand up and say what he said. He made peace feel possible. He made it feel closer than ever before.

Will the World See This Speech?

This speech should be shown to the entire world. The truth lies right here! Who are the real oppressors of the Palestinian Arab people? Not Israel, contrary to poplar belief. Their own leadership is responsible for all the hardships! Their own leadership is continuing the suffering! The leaders of the Palestinian Arabs do not want peace!

This speech will probably be censored or covered up – just like the rest of the truth. The facts work against the lies of those who try to demonize Israel. They just can’t handle the truth. They don’t know how to fight the facts – because well, it’s the facts, We have to share speeches like these! Everyone needs to know the real reason there isn’t peace yet!

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