Democrats Need to Treat Jews with Equal Sensitivity

by Uri Pilichowski

Take a deep breath. Let’s take a calm and rational look at what happened here with the Democrats invite to the Jew-hating Imam and what we should really be concerned about.

First, a few myths to discount:
* The Democratic Party is not anti-Zionist nor is it anti-Semitic. 
* Speaker Pelosi, who, like President Trump, has Jewish grandchildren, and has supported Israel her entire Congressional career, is also not anti-Zionist nor is she anti-Semitic
* America is not becoming an anti-Semitic country where Jews should be scared for their future. 
* This despicable Imam was not invited as a nod to anti-Zionists and Anti-Semites.

What happened? 
This is the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims. As a sign of recognition and respect to Muslim Americans, Speaker Pelosi invited an Imam to give the daily opening benediction in the House of Representatives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Speaker Pelosi’s invite.

What was wrong was that Speaker Pelosi didn’t have anyone investigate the Imam before inviting him. Doing a background check is a no-brainer. Why wasn’t a background check conducted to make sure that this Imam didn’t maintain extremist positions?

Here lies the problem. 
America is a liberal Democracy. We respect all and assume the best of everyone. Stereotypes against a nation, race or religion is un-American. Even in the face of security necessity, America gives a nod to equality – preferring to check everyone – over practicality.
With a history of terrorism among its most extreme, and support of terrorism even among its moderates, Islam is susceptible to a stereotype of extremism. Americans must take extra precautions not to give in to the stereotype of all Muslims as extremists and possible terrorists, and go to the opposite ends to make sure they don’t seem to be giving in to the extremism. If Speaker Pelosi or any of her staff had raised the question of whether this Imam had extremist views, she should have seemed racist. So no background check is conducted.

As I opened, Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are not anti-Israel, nor are they anti-Semitic, but in their efforts to show that they maintain no racist views of Muslims, they have allowed anti-Semites like this Imam, Rep. Ilhan OmarCongresswoman Rashida Tlaib and Congressman Hank Johnson and many anti-Semitic aggressive progressives to demonize Israel under their party banner.

If Democrats want to prove they believe in equality, they are going to have to equally protect Jewish sensitivities along with Muslim and progressive sensitivities. Until then, Jews and Israel advocates have a great deal to be worried about.

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